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Websites have changed a lot in the last decade, with popular brands allocating massive budgets to the continuous polishing of their products, which inevitably increased user expectations. Users expect all interactions to be as efficient as the ones they have with Google or Facebook products.

Fortunately, by leveraging our experience and modern tooling, that is possible to achieve without breaking the bank.

All websites built by us are subject to a lifetime support agreement that covers their performance, security, accessibility, and technical SEO.

Mobile-first build

Around 70% of the traffic is mobile on the majority of websites we built.

We understand that mobile users are less forgiving when it comes to how fast your website loads or how responsive it is.

We build everything with that in mind and we thoroughly test your website on all popular mobile browsers.


We build your website whenever you make changes to it and we only serve the end result to users. With no runtime computing taking place, the site very responsive.

In order to improve speed, we use regional cloud services to serve the website from a location closer to the user.

We optimise fonts and images for web usage and further optimise them for mobile. We display a placeholder until images are loaded to prevent layout shifts and we prioritise above-the-fold images to improve the user's experience.

Security & scalability

By building the website as a separate process and having the users interact with the end result, our websites are:

fully secure, not prone to vulnerabilities that can occur in other systems (e.g., WordPress, which connects to a database to grab the content for you to see)

fully scalable, not prone to bottlenecks that can occur in other systems (e.g., WordPress, which gets slower with each request that it has to process)

Our websites can be cloned and placed in different cloud regions that are closer to your users, and they can withstand tens of thousands of simultaneous requests without any effect on performance or cost.


A decade ago, accessibility was a nice-to-have, but in 2024, it's a must. Not only are accessible sites inclusive, they are also preferred by search engines like Google, and starting June 2025, people will be able to file complaints before authorities if your website does not respect the European Accessibility Act.

Our websites are thoroughly tested using screen readers and keyboard-only navigation.

SEO (Search engine optimisation)

We like clean navigation and predictable hierarchies. If humans like it, so do search engines, as they get a clearer picture of your website and its audience.

We follow the best practices to ensure search engines give your website the time of day. We have seen organic traffic significantly improve as a result of technical SEO improvements, without any other changes to content or design, which means the results can be attributed solely to the technical improvements.

CMS (Content management system)

While looking for the perfect CMS, our main needs were:

  1. a clean admin interface that allows our clients to add or edit pages or content
  2. a workflow that keeps content and code in sync
  3. low cost
  4. no vendor lock-in (being able to provide the admin interface even if the CMS goes bankrupt)

We stumbled upon TinaCMS, which is a self-contained CMS. We'll have a blog post about why we like TinaCMS and why we used it to build this website.

We've previously worked with numerous cloud-hosted CMSs, such as Kontent, Contentful, Contento, Storyblok, WordPress, Ghost, etc., and we can use the CMS of your choice.

End-to-end process




*Optional; we can also use your design



Oxentree went above and beyond what they were asked to do; to make the site better than what I ever expected or imagined, they took the time to train and give me brilliant advice.

Shortly after launching my new site, I have seen the traffic treble and the return users have doubled!

Peter KavanaghManaging Director -

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